Definition of nuffin in English:


(also nuffink)

pronoun, adjective, & adverb

non-standard spelling of nothing, representing speech
‘‘There was nuffin in it,’ Carrie retorted’
non-standard spelling of nothing, representing speech
  • ‘I am dog tired of the damnable persona, the expectations, the limitations, the repetition, the pop-up chorus line (sorry, nuffink personal like,), the dead weight of accumulated history.’
  • ‘But this was nuffink, said the operative, if he diddn't ‘av no card.’
  • ‘No one is going to believe me on this, but I tell you it is uncanny how often I spontaneously go to link to someone, no checking of referrer logs or nuffink, and find the someone has linked to me.’
  • ‘That ain't got nuffink to do with nuffink.’
  • ‘As for Africa, Asia and South America: there was nichts, nada, nuffink.’
  • ‘She ain't married or nuffink, but she's got this boyfriend, Joe, innit?’
  • ‘Writers, even with the aid of a good agent, are small, weak, and often don't know nuffink.’
  • ‘First of all, anything to do with a Sandman movie is er, nuffink to do with me.’
  • ‘This crime happened in a community where people are so rightly terrified of reprisals from villains, that the prevailing attitude to police inquiries is: ‘Didn't ‘ear nuffin, didn't see nuffin.’’
  • ‘The First Acolyte paused for breath: ‘Don't you know nuffin?’’
  • ‘That's right, absolutely none, nil, zippo, zilcherooney, nuffin.’
  • ‘But I'm not moaning or nuffin, because I know it'll get better.’
  • ‘Speaking of which, bro-in-law Jeff said this weekend that he's got an old Windows 95 laptop that I can have for nuffin.’
  • ‘The grammar of Cockney is by and large ‘general nonstandard’, with such usages as double negation (There aint nuffink like it = There is nothing like it).’
  • ‘I'm not here to pick players or formations, because, to be honest, I don't know nuffink about that.’
  • ‘Ain't nuffink wrong with that, so long as a girl gets a fair rate for the job.’
  • ‘She is often to be heard rambling about ‘this fing wot you know nuffin about’ as she stubs out her fags, orders snakebite and denies doing pretty much anything wrong.’
  • ‘Unfortunately for the Sweetie, the sizes were one too big for her, and there was nuffin the salespeople could do about it.’
  • ‘Susan visits Stingray in the big house, making me wonder why the hell she wasn't called as a character witness in his trial or nuffin.’
  • ‘It's not brand new or nuffin but it's the first we've heard of it.’