Definition of nullification in English:



See nullify

  • ‘On the other hand, faced with the fate of universally inescapable destruction and nullification, we may yet finally find a way to confront it together and to find a way to coexist with all others.’
  • ‘Nonetheless, while I do see some quite powerful arguments in favor of jury nullification, and while I am not opposed to it, I do wonder whether there are some important practical difficulties with it.’
  • ‘Surely, the Founders would be appalled by a popularly-elected Senate, a check on democratic majoritarianism and federal power they thought much more important than judicial nullification.’
  • ‘And second, how can it make sense to interpret a constitutional right - a restraint on the power of the federal government - as being subject to nullification by that very government?’
  • ‘Both understand that collaboration is accommodation, not nullification, and that the plan, while well defined, will require further design of its elements and of the buildings themselves.’