Definition of numbat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnəmbat/ /ˈnəmbæt/


  • A small termite-eating Australian marsupial with a black and white striped back and a bushy tail.

    Myrmecobius fasciatus, family Myrmecobiidae

    ‘I mean, we have an enormous wealth of reptiles, the richest in the world, our insects are amazing, our marsupials, our numbats and our bandicoots and our bilbies - how many people have seen a bilby or know what a bilby is?’
    • ‘When we started, people didn't know what bilbies and boodies and bettons and numbats were, and now they do.’
    • ‘The winery has a wetland centre in South Australia where it is also intended to release brush-tailed bettong and numbats later in the year.’
    • ‘As is true of other dasyuromorphs, numbats are not syndactylous.’
    • ‘In the Southwestern Australian scrubland, a host of strange - sounding animals could face extinction, including numbats and the squelching froglet.’


Mid 19th century from Nyungar.