Definition of number crunching in English:

number crunching


See number cruncher

  • ‘After doing their own number crunching, Rupert Murdoch's rivals came to this conclusion: Americans prefer the Tom and Jerry-esque high jinks of clear cut villains and heroes to the more sedate format of word driven analysis.’
  • ‘Furthermore, although factions generally use ideological labels to position themselves on a spectrum of sorts, the reality is that factional activities rarely extend much beyond simple number crunching.’
  • ‘Share investors will have a deluge of international economic data to sift through this week and their reward for some number crunching could be the evidence they need to break the FTSE 100 out of its recent range.’
  • ‘The plans for Tralee Christmas lights, announced this week by the Town Council and the Tralee Chamber of Commerce, are the product of months of intensive negotiation and number crunching.’
  • ‘Through a mixture of personal anecdote, political philosophizing, and number crunching, Norberg makes a convincing moral and economic case that global capitalism helps the world's poor.’