Definition of numbered account in English:

numbered account


  • A bank account, especially in a Swiss bank, identified only by a number and not bearing the owner's name.

    ‘There are no exchange controls; numbered accounts are used and although money laundering legislation is designed to stop criminal activity, tax evasion is not a crime in Andorra.’
    • ‘Often, the name associated with a numbered account was a mere formality: ‘Banks didn't ask for ID,’ Staley says.’
    • ‘But I'm happy with our one joint account - and the Swiss numbered account that I must tell her about some day.’
    • ‘Today, instead of public funds being raked off and banked in numbered accounts in Switzerland for the benefit of a small clutch of leaders, Mali's finances are being managed in a transparent fashion.’
    • ‘It was in these premises that the UBS opened a hundred years ago and is today synonymous with secured, secret deposits, associated with numbered accounts where various currencies of the world keep accumulating in its vaults.’
    • ‘When accounts are needed, neither numbered accounts nor shell corporations are necessary to camouflage the actual owner.’
    • ‘He had both numbered accounts and accounts in his own name.’
    • ‘Looks like he'll be depositing more prizemoney into his numbered account before too long.’
    • ‘You were the only true believer and you weren't even in the party, while they had their numbered accounts in Switzerland.’
    • ‘This isn't going to be resolved with a briefcase full of Franklins, this is going to require a numbered account somewhere untouchable.’


numbered account

/ˈnəmbərd əˈkount/ /ˈnəmbərd əˈkaʊnt/