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  • Depriving one of feeling or responsiveness.

    ‘the numbing effect of alcohol’
    • ‘a numbing defeat’
    • ‘Right now, it's a struggle to disrupt the numbing media chatter about miscalculations and mistakes - to insist on acknowledgment of moral culpability.’
    • ‘The addition of the Sichuan peppercorn, known as ‘huajiao’, in many dishes creates a most sudden numbing sensation in one's mouth.’
    • ‘Among them, nearly 400 beetles that locals called nanisani, a term that refers to the tingling or numbing sensation in the mouth when the beetles and the birds are tasted.’
    • ‘A few minutes later, the bell rang, and instead of the feeling of freedom I usually felt at the end of the day, I felt cold, numbing horror.’
    • ‘I suppressed the cold, numbing feeling that was forming in my abdomen.’



/ˈnəmiNG/ /ˈnəmɪŋ/