Definition of numerical control in English:

numerical control


mass nounEngineering
  • Computer control of machine tools, where operations are directed by numerical data.

    • ‘Emphasis is on computer-integrated manufacturing with computer numerical control of machine tools, automation via programmable logic controllers, motion control, process control examples, and manufacturing process monitoring.’
    • ‘These allow technicians - Timken calls them shop-floor associates - to pull up the digital designs for an existing product, tweak them, and get the computer numerical control instructions into the networked machine tools.’
    • ‘Kahr pistols, manufactured with computer numerical control machines, have become favorite carry guns for shooters across America.’
    • ‘The same model, after several post-processing steps, is used directly for computer numerical control manufacturing of frame members and for the CNC cutting of custom glass sheets.’
    • ‘Parts are manufactured on the same numerical control machines used to subcontract components for Airbus airliners, Falcon business jets and Eurocopters.’