Definition of numero uno in English:

numero uno

nounnumero unos

  • The best or most important person or thing.

    • ‘During Congress rule, India left the US way behind in milk production, while beating Brazil in fruit production, and was neck-to-neck with China, the numero uno, in vegetable production.’
    • ‘There are too many award schemes in Galway as elsewhere but this - the oldest one - run by journalists from the Connacht Tribute, the Tuam Herald and Raidio na Gaeltachta is the numero uno.’
    • ‘So Giorgio Armani called in his favourite architect from Japan, and now the numero uno of Italian style has a fortress for his billion dollar fashion empire.’
    • ‘Little did the shop owner or the salesmen know that the tall gentleman in jeans and a T-shirt was not only an officer, but the numero uno of the country's air force.’
    • ‘I always liked the group - even Ronnie's gravely voice - but Luke Kelly was my numero uno.’
    • ‘Sunny, a German Shepherd, who works for Western Railway, emerged the numero uno in tracking.’
    • ‘For his country he is the central figure calling the shots in a midfield where he ‘s the undoubted numero uno.’
    • ‘In terms of popular appeal in the post-Kournikova age in tennis, Maria Sharapova might already be that - the numero uno.’
    • ‘Indian Airlines, which earlier enjoyed the numero uno status, has dismantled four counters due to shrinking space, an IA ground crew said.’
    • ‘Multi-storeyed parking complexes, billed as an answer to traffic-related woes and hailed as the numero uno answer to collective traffic-pooling, all display signs of sophisticated architecture.’
    • ‘Industry observers say that Dileep will retain the numero uno position once ‘Thilakkam’ turns out to be a hit at the box-office.’
    • ‘Nor did I have these aspirations of being an overnight sex symbol or being catapulted to the numero uno position after Julie.’
    • ‘In 2001, Mexico occupied the numero uno position with India a close second.’
    • ‘But the numero uno Russian entry was Ludmila, who was the personification of consistency.’
    • ‘America became the numero uno superpower once Europe had ruined itself through war.’
    • ‘As for the city, it has taken one decade to achieve the numero uno position.’
    • ‘Cullyhanna pool player Sean Hoey made an impressive return to the table by beating the world number 10 and Ireland's numero uno Ronan McCarthy to win the Northern Ireland Pool Tour.’
    • ‘Sure, we still could have a lot fun thinking about all this, but if Bill does transition into a talk show, and emerges as a kind of competing numero uno, it would be the end of democracy as we know it.’
    • ‘We all make goofs of ourselves in our teenage years, but in my adult life I am still searching for the excuse for the time I broke my best friend's heart as I blundered through yet another attempt to be numero uno.’
    • ‘The Swiss is still numero uno and will take some pot of paint to dislodge him, but be of little doubt, he, just like Borg and Sampras, will fade from the canvas.’
    chief, head, principal, boss


Italian, literally ‘number one’.


numero uno

/ˌnjuːmərəʊ ˈuːnəʊ/