Definition of nummulite in English:



  • The flat disk-shaped calcareous shell of a foraminifer, found commonly as a fossil up to 8 cm across in marine Tertiary deposits.

    Family Nummulitidae, order Foraminiferida: several genera, including Nummulites

    ‘The occurrence higher in the succession of nummulites and neritic fossils indicates overall shallowing upwards.’
    • ‘They found that the Eocene nummulites lived in nutrient-rich environments during a warm climatic phase.’
    • ‘In the seas, the calcareous nannofossils were still in evidence but in shallow waters the benthonic nummulite and other larger foraminifera became very abundant.’
    • ‘Well-rounded clasts include lava, volcaniclastic sandstones and bioclastic limestones with nummulites, bryozoa, microbial carbonate and bivalve material.’



/ˈnəmyəˌlīt/ /ˈnəmjəˌlaɪt/


Early 19th century from Latin nummulus (diminutive of nummus ‘coin’) + -ite.