Definition of nunatak in English:



  • An isolated peak of rock projecting above a surface of inland ice or snow.

    ‘McCarroll & Ballantyne suggested that the ice reached an elevation of only between 750 and 850 m a.s.l. in Snowdonia, NW Wales, and that the higher summits remained above the ice surface as nunataks.’
    • ‘This would leave Scafell Pikes and other peaks protruding as nunataks, consistent with the observations of Lamb & Ballantyne.’
    • ‘Remapping of several nunataks and ridge exposures reveals that the basal Neptune Group truncates a large-scale, closed syncline, developed within the Nelson Limestone.’
    • ‘Although no evidence for discrete dextral structures has been found in the Neptune Range, such a structure or structures could lie unexposed along the Roderick Valley or outside of the mountains and nunataks of the Neptune Range.’
    • ‘Distinctive rock types found on the westernmost nunataks around Hamberg Gletscher are interpreted as autochthonous Caledonian foreland.’



/ˈnənəˌtak/ /ˈnənəˌtæk/


Late 19th century from Greenlandic nunataq.