Definition of nunchaku in English:


nounplural noun nunchaku, plural noun nunchakus

(also nunchuk)
  • A Japanese martial arts weapon consisting of two hardwood sticks joined together by a chain, rope, or thong.

    ‘The nunchaku popularised in Bruce Lee films and used by Japanese ninjas is only meant to be used by experts in combat sports.’
    • ‘The fan club has chosen three designs of Lee in his classic poses - all featuring a bare-torsoed Lee, two including Lee's signature weapon the nunchaku - and fans are invited to vote for their favorite design on the Internet.’
    • ‘He'll find other weapons during his travels, like nunchaku and bows and arrows.’
    • ‘Barring martial arts kit such as nunchakus, throwing stars and kubotans is understandable.’
    • ‘We scurried along walls and zig-zagged from floor to floor effortlessly, battering demonic beetles with nunchakus, all to the accompaniment of a sweeping symphonic score.’



/ˌnənˈCHäko͞o/ /ˌnənˈtʃɑku/


Japanese, from Okinawa dialect.