Definition of nurdle in English:



usually nurdles
  • A very small pellet of plastic which serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products.

    ‘"Mermaids' tears" are small plastic pellets of waste (also known as nurdles) that wash up on beaches and look like plastic fish eggs.’
    • ‘Japanese researchers are finding high concentrations of deadly chemicals clinging to floating, tapioca-size plastic pellets called ‘nurdles’.’
    • ‘Moore collected baseball-size gelatinous animals called salps and found their translucent tissues clogged with bits of monofilament fishing line and nurdles.’
    • ‘The problem with nurdles specifically is at least two-fold.’
    • ‘Hundreds of millions of tiny plastic pellets, or nurdles, are lost or spilled every year, working their way into the sea.’
    • ‘One study estimated that nurdles now account for 10 percent of plastic ocean debris.’
    • ‘Approximately 60 billion pounds of nurdles are manufactured annually in the United States alone.’





1990s origin uncertain.