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nursery school

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  • A school for young children, mainly between the ages of three and five.

    ‘For this reason, he eliminated the terms nursery school, play school, and infant school.’
    • ‘Southway Nursery School in Bedford has become the first nursery school in the county to be awarded Beacon Status.’
    • ‘The hall is used for the monthly meetings of a physically disabled group of people and as a nursery school five days a week.’
    • ‘Perhaps employers should be selecting candidates on the basis of the nursery school, rather than university, attended.’
    • ‘This plan is for a mainstream school for 210 pupils and a nursery school.’
    • ‘Younger children with working parents often stay at nursery school or kindergarten until the early evening.’
    • ‘The nursery school at McGill did not survive beyond five years and the reasons for this were never clear.’
    • ‘Mrs Ver said she was delighted the present nursery school was praised by education watchdog inspectors despite the state of the old building.’
    • ‘She worked as a nutritionist in a nursery school, where she also coordinated a community garden and community kitchens.’
    • ‘The groups of youths have been skateboarding around the playground, breaking a fence around the nursery school and smashing windows.’
    • ‘A sign language that has been specially designed for communicating with tots has come to a Swindon nursery school.’
    • ‘It also has a nursery school as well as a community centre where local people can learn dressmaking, leather work and carpentry.’
    • ‘Zac is now basking in the pride of his mum and dad and the praise of the police and his nursery school, which gave him a special merit certificate.’
    • ‘A nursery school is independent of any school for older children, although it may feed into a particular one.’
    • ‘It was packed with vital equipment for a new nursery school, hospitals and orphanages.’
    • ‘My nursery school teacher, Alma, took our class of three-year-olds on a trip to the fire station.’
    • ‘Her daughter Lisa, 27, a nursery school teacher, has no problem with the way her mother dresses.’
    • ‘Would fees be imposed on sixth-forms or nursery school?’
    • ‘Past and present pupils and staff of a Sheffield nursery school which is due to close later this year are to hold a reunion later today.’
    • ‘Toddlers have been riding their bikes to raise money for a new roof for their nursery school, which has passed its Ofsted inspection with flying colours.’


nursery school

/ˈnərs(ə)rē ˌsko͞ol/ /ˈnərs(ə)ri ˌskul/