Definition of nut meat in English:

nut meat

(also nutmeat)


  • The kernel of a nut, typically edible.

    • ‘The very desirable nut meat is sweet, oily, and high in protein.’
    • ‘Maybe chocolate cherries will one day be a possible piece for inclusion, or a new chocolate nut meat chocolate-covered hazelnuts, perhaps.’
    • ‘The newer varieties produce what are called ‘papershell’ pecans - a thin shell you can break with your fingers and that contains nut meat much larger than that from native trees.’
    • ‘During the process two things happen: the shell is stained a mottled shade of brown by the husk, and the nut meat develops a deeper, more complex flavor.’
    • ‘The rich nut meats that do get harvested are used in making my favorite ice cream, in commercial baking, candy production, and in direct retail sales.’