Definition of nut tree in English:

nut tree


  • A tree that bears nuts, especially the hazel.

    ‘The hornbills successfully reared three chicks last year in the box I erected up a pecan nut tree.’
    • ‘The souari nut tree, Caryocar nuciferum, is also common.’
    • ‘Look, there's a little nut tree mixed in among the heavy forest, how strange.’
    • ‘The genus is closely related to that of the Brazil nut, and the largest trees are almost as tall as the huge Brazil nut tree.’
    • ‘When choosing a tree to bonsai, its preferable that it is a small leafed variety, such as the popular Chinese Elm or the indigenous Bladder nut tree.’
    • ‘Moving on to the pecan, our last nut open for discussion, we can proudly say it is the only major nut tree that grows naturally in North America.’
    • ‘The method combines a framework of fruit and nut tree placeholders with perimeter berries and vegetables.’
    • ‘I sit between a fig tree, two hazel nut trees and a grape vine.’
    • ‘Keep fruit trees and nut trees away from driveways and sidewalks.’
    • ‘Fruit trees and nut trees are especially good because they will feed both wildlife and you!’
    • ‘The walnut tree, like many nut trees, is long living.’
    • ‘In cold-winter climates, now is a good time to set out cane berries, fruit and nut trees, grapes, rhubarb, roses, and strawberries.’
    • ‘Frank leads me to the diverse species of fruit and nut trees he's planted between the glossy coffee bushes.’
    • ‘There are more than a dozen fruit and nut trees listed in the National Register of Big Trees, including five types of walnut, although this is the only one in Oregon.’
    • ‘We slipped through St Bartholomew's churchyard, snowdrops fading, the fruit and nut trees blossoming, and channelled down a track towards the River Ure.’
    • ‘Her grandparents lived in close contact with nature, making compost, growing a huge range of leafy greens, vegetables, figs, olives, almonds, and other fruit and nut trees.’
    • ‘‘There are also plenty of backyard fruit and nut trees that keep them well fed,’ she said.’
    • ‘This is a critical time to spray fruit and nut trees.’
    • ‘Archie and I knew where the largest and best nut trees grew: black walnuts, hickory and sweet chestnuts.’
    • ‘They're mango and nut trees, so they're self-sustaining for the people that grow them - nuns that run this convent.’


nut tree

/ˈnət ˌtrē/ /ˈnət ˌtri/