Definition of nutpick in English:



(also nut pick)
  • A thin, sharp-pointed table implement used to dig out the edible meat from nuts.

    ‘Pieces in the Bird's Nest pattern for individual use identified thus far are limited to the tea knife, demitasse spoon, egg spoon, large and small ice cream spoons, teaspoon, and nutpicks.’
    • ‘Introduced on March 25, 1869, were ice cream, pie, pudding, and waffle knives; berry, egg, ice cream, nut, and, preserve spoons; large and small sugar sifters; a cream ladle, and a nutpick.’
    • ‘The nutpick occurs with two different handles, one of which, Number 7, is a shortened version of Number 6 minus the bird, twining vine, and ivy leaves at the join.’
    • ‘Here are some good ways to get into the tight spots: An ice pick, a nutpick, toothpick or even a sharp nail can get down into some of the smaller grooves.’
    • ‘This is a vintage nutcracker set with two handheld plier type nutcrackers, each five inches in length, and six nutpicks.’



/ˈnətpik/ /ˈnətpɪk/