Definition of nvCJD in English:



  • New variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.

    ‘The clinical and neuropathological features of Kuru include those found in nvCJD, and both diseases involve the lymporeticular system.’
    • ‘The OED is the only dictionary that has both vCJD and nvCJD, and it simply expands the acronyms, without indicating that the two terms are different ways of referring to the same thing.’
    • ‘That would also fit with the decades-long incubation period for CJD and nvCJD.’
    • ‘However, tens of thousands of people could be infected with nvCJD (scientists and statisticians are still guessing) - the incubation period of the disease is at least ten years and could be upwards of 20 years.’
    • ‘The intention was to test whether nvCJD prion protein might be present in any of them and, if it was, to assess its significance.’