Definition of Nyquist frequency in English:

Nyquist frequency


(also Nyquist rate)
  • The minimum rate at which a signal can be sampled without introducing errors, which is twice the highest frequency present in the signal.

    ‘This frequency limit is known as the Nyquist frequency.’
    • ‘We used the Signal-RTS software to digitize the recorded calls (sampling rate: 12500 Hz for the túngara frogs, and 25000 Hz for the cricket frogs, higher than 1.5 times of the Nyquist frequency for all calls recorded).’
    • ‘For any outline, the total power is calculated as the sum, from 1 to n, of individual harmonic powers where n is equal to the Nyquist frequency.’
    • ‘But the signal has to be treated with a low-pass filter not higher than half (Nyquist rate) of the sampling frequency, otherwise the reconstruction of the curve from digital data may contain artifacts.’
    • ‘The Nyquist Frequency corresponds to the highest frequency at which a signal can contain energy and still be compatible with the Sampling Theorem.’