Definition of oafishness in English:



See oafish

‘Congress, in its collective ham-fisted oafishness, dictated that the government place restrictions on access to spacecraft tracking information.’
  • ‘Throughout, Fisher is Laurel to Bob's Hardy, the former maneuvering sardonically around the latter's oafishness via a series of wisecracks on the absurdity of their incarceration.’
  • ‘That paean to one man's oafishness and insensitivity, Curb Your Enthusiasm, is built around a comedian who couldn't make it in stand-up because he was too abrasive.’
  • ‘Now, thanks to lots of links, hits, and general public oafishness, I'm once again the first.’
  • ‘In his more recent roles, though, the self-deprecating oafishness of his previous roles has been replaced by an impatient humourlessness.’