Definition of ob- in English:



  • 1Denoting exposure or openness.

    • ‘obverse’
    1. 1.1Expressing meeting or facing.
      • ‘observe’
  • 2Denoting opposition, hostility, or resistance.

    • ‘obstacle’
    1. 2.1Denoting hindrance, blocking, or concealment.
      • ‘obliterate’
  • 3Denoting extensiveness, finality, or completeness.

    • ‘obdurate’
  • 4(in modern technical words) inversely; in a direction or manner contrary to the usual.

    • ‘obconical’


Ob- occurs mainly in words of Latin origin. It is also found assimilated in the following forms: oc- before c (occasion); of- before f (offend); op- before p (oppress)


From Latin ob ‘towards, against, in the way of’.