Definition of obfuscatory in English:


Pronunciation /äbˈfəskəˌtôrē/


See obfuscate

‘At 511 pages (exactly 500 pages more than the U.S. constitution) and laden with purposefully abstruse and obfuscatory language, the constitution meets only the second of Bonaparte's criteria.’
  • ‘Government-approved academics in China have already started to trot out obfuscatory arguments designed to refute obvious objections to demands for market-economy status.’
  • ‘He's hung his statements on a very precise - and to my mind - highly technical and obfuscatory statement that none of them has ‘leaked classified information.’’
  • ‘I'm fed up coming here week after week and getting obfuscatory answers to direct questions.’
  • ‘The obfuscatory information which this vested interest brigade put out has succeeded so far in obscuring the truth.’