Main definitions of obi in English

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Pronunciation /ˈōbē/ /ˈoʊbi/


  • A broad sash worn around the waist of a Japanese kimono.

    ‘She explained everything to us - from the types and meanings of the different kimonos and obis (clothing articles) to the differences between Japanese and Okinawa food and customs.’
    • ‘Some of the more unique stalls had Japanese obis, Belgian chocolate, crystal glassware and some very loud hats - just the thing for the upcoming Melbourne Cup Day celebration held in November.’
    • ‘A striped scarf becomes a runner, and a half yard of silk can be tied around a pitcher in the style of an obi, a broad sash worn with a kimono.’
    • ‘A kimono-look batik blouse and a knee-length fine skirt, for instance, had an obi (Japanese broad belt) to match.’
    • ‘Authentic Japanese vintage kimonos, obi (a wide sash), fabrics and unusual vintage items possess their own history and charm.’
    • ‘The owner was in traditional Japanese dress-a red kimono with an obi and sandals, her black hair pulled back in a tight bun.’
    • ‘An indigo scarf, the same color as the obi - sash - of the kimono, lay on her arms.’
    • ‘The village leader wore a simple brown kimono with a black obi.’
    • ‘About my height and three inches taller, she wore a blue kimono with a yellow obi.’
    • ‘So far I have worn a thick kimono with a narrow obi but the old gentleman thinks this is all wrong.’
    • ‘In the softer, romantic vein, Rodriguez offered spicy yellow or orange long or short silk dresses with an oriental touch in flowing kimono sleeves and an occasional obi sash.’
    • ‘Her yukata was large on her, but still clung to her curves where the obi tied around her waist.’
    • ‘In the beginning, it was important for the carver to produce small, rounded netsuke without any sharp edges or points, because it was worn between the obi and the hip.’
    • ‘Metalwork and sword fittings are also displayed alongside examples of inro, which is a sectional case or box worn suspended from the obi by a cord on which the netsuke serves as a toggle.’
    • ‘She could see where Tari had hiked up her kimono skirt and tied it with her obi.’
    • ‘He had his waraji on his feet and his swords tightly secured through his obi before Taro returned, a snow-colored mare being lead by the reins.’
    • ‘The fabric was of a sky-blue color with designs of lotus blossoms, and her obi was dark-blue to stand out against the bright colors.’
    • ‘After securing her obi and weapons, she moved onto her pair of thick leather boots that protected nearly her entire leg.’
    • ‘Cleaning her fans before tucking them into her obi, Lori looked up startled to see Tari looking pale.’
    • ‘Her obi flutters in a breeze that gently stills as if all breathing in the world had stopped.’


Japanese, literally ‘belt’.

Main definitions of obi in English

: obi1obi2


Pronunciation /ˈoʊbi/ /ˈōbē/


variant form of obeah