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  • (of a programming language) using a methodology which enables a system to be modeled as a set of objects which can be controlled and manipulated in a modular manner.

    ‘The Java programming language contains object-oriented features enabling the construction of interface-based application frameworks.’
    • ‘Programming manuals for object-oriented languages are all about windows and menus and mouse clicks.’
    • ‘The technique of the present invention may be used advantageously with object-oriented languages other than the Java programming language.’
    • ‘Some of the modern communication protocols used to communicate between object-oriented languages are known to introduce significant overhead.’
    • ‘But while programmers have taken to object-oriented programming in droves, object databases have been less popular for a variety of reasons.’



/ˌäbjektˈôrēˌen(t)əd/ /ˌɑbdʒɛktˈɔriˌɛn(t)əd/