Definition of object choice in English:

object choice


  • A person or thing external to the ego chosen as a focus of desire or sexual activity.

    ‘Is it possible human development, including sexual identity, object choice and variable expressions of sexual instinct, can be conceived of differently?’
    • ‘But sticking to our own culture, it's also very significant to note that as Michel Foucault famously argued in The History of Sexuality, the idea that sexual object choice defines identity is a very recent one in our culture.’
    • ‘I don't care much for sexual categorization, especially in terms of sexual object choice.’
    • ‘The ambivalence of object choice conveyed through much of Duncan's early writing again pointed to his incomplete vocabulary regarding sexual activities.’


object choice

/əbˈjekt/ /əbˈdʒɛkt/ /äbˈjekt CHois/ /ɑbˈdʒɛkt tʃɔɪs/