Definition of object code in English:

object code

Pronunciation /əbˈjekt/ /əbˈdʒɛkt/ /äbˈjekt kōd/ /ɑbˈdʒɛkt koʊd/


  • Code produced by a compiler or assembler.

    ‘The ‘algorithm’, which is the sequence of machine commands that the source code and object code represent.’
    • ‘The programs don't have to be compiled into object code.’
    • ‘While there is a certain amount of flexibility allowed of the compiler in determining the how of object code, there is certainly no creativity involved.’
    • ‘If there were more tools available to do vulnerability analysis (of source as well as object code, in multiple languages), it would be in every vendor's interest to use them.’
    • ‘Our conclusion is that there is no way a user could effectively scrutinize the object code of an application to determine that it is ‘safe.’’