Definition of object world in English:

object world

Pronunciation /əbˈjekt/ /əbˈdʒɛkt/ /äbˈjekt wərld/ /ɑbˈdʒɛkt wərld/


  • The world external to the self, apprehended through the objects in it.

    ‘Lizzie is forced to internalize her relationship to the object world; in both cases, jewels are terms of self-definition rather than concrete objects.’
    • ‘Your poetry is immediately striking for its phenomenological fidelity to the object world.’
    • ‘As Eisenstein argues, ‘this disparity is,’ for Hegel, ‘the soul of subjectivity and the object world.’’
    • ‘The new object world is not, contrary to received wisdom, one of appearances.’
    • ‘Style is transformed by interpretative schemes and tastes into a construct of the social and object worlds and is, above all, defined by difference.’