Definition of objects clause in English:

objects clause


  • A clause in a memorandum of association specifying the objects for which the company was established.

    • ‘Under the 1981 Act, the Minister of Finance can regulate the business activities of all Bermuda companies, both exempted and local, by controlling the objects clauses available to them.’
    • ‘In practice, most companies will adopt widely drawn objects clauses, giving the company capacity to do all the things it anticipates doing and many things it does not.’
    • ‘It was submitted that a repayment to the employer could not be consistent with the main objects clause.’
    • ‘The objects clause to the new part VII of this bill gives recognition to certain rights by specifying a number of such rights that should be observed in any agreements or decisions concerning children.’
    • ‘The objects clause also explains that the idea behind the bill is to allow the Government to get smarter about whom it selects as residents.’