Definition of obligatorily in English:



See obligatory

  • ‘Where once crime novels were obligatorily set in English villages or country houses, now they crop up everywhere, like alternative guidebooks.’
  • ‘They speak intimately of the value of art history for the artist; not as a dry subject, obligatorily learnt in darkened lecture theatres with projected slides, but lived art history, seen with fresh eyes, big with wonder, at great museums.’
  • ‘Even nouns such as groceries and trousers, which in their referential use obligatorily appear in plural form, lack the plural inflection in compounds: a grocery store, a trouser factory.’
  • ‘‘Yes sir,’ The driver responded obligatorily as Josef pushed the button to raise the divider between the cabins.’
  • ‘After everyone obligatorily restored the room to its default state, they congregated one last time outdoors for photo opportunities and idle chitchat.’