Definition of obligee in English:



  • A person to whom an obligation is owed under a contract or other legal procedure.

    • ‘The surety in a construction bond has three options: complete the work itself; retain a contractor to complete the work; or permit the obligee to complete the contract and pay any increased cost of such work.’
    • ‘They also appear to assume that joint obligees are each entitled to one-half of the obligation.’
    • ‘Each participant with a loan being rolled over should execute an acknowledgment that the acquiring firm will be substituted as the obligee on the loan.’
    • ‘The three parties are the principal, who is the person bonded; the obligee, the person who is protected; and the surety, the person or corporation agreeing.’
    • ‘An obligee may reject the obligor's partial performance, except that the partial performance of its obligations does not harm the obligee's interests.’