Definition of obliqueness in English:



See oblique

‘American popular culture, whether taking the form of store window displays or movie sets, tamed the modernist arts of this period, tempering their obliqueness and irreverence with soothing symmetry and streamlining.’
  • ‘Content feels very important to this book, yet throughout I got a sense of strong ambivalence between revealing and hiding, between directness and obliqueness, between private and public.’
  • ‘The shots of his ex-lovers vanishing, coupled with the spoken admission, might imply that the obliqueness of his cinematic approach to them stems from an inability born of discomfort to confront them more directly.’
  • ‘The techniques of obliqueness and irony suited their purposes.’
  • ‘I must confess, in all my obliqueness, I did offer an opinion of sorts.’



/əˈblēknis/ /əˈbliknɪs/ /ōˈblēknis/ /oʊˈbliknɪs/