Definition of obliquity in English:



See oblique

  • ‘But the most profound effect over the long haul would be the changes in the earth's obliquity - the angle of its spin axis - which is stabilized by the moon's gravitational pull.’
  • ‘Consider, now, Wallace's storytelling method, favouring obliquity and puzzle packed in puzzle, and wonder if it mightn't have its own version of ‘gross rhetorical naivety’.’
  • ‘To show a breach of duty it is not necessary to establish dishonesty, criminal conduct, personal obliquity or behaviour such as would warrant striking a solicitor off the roll.’
  • ‘The armour steel monocoque hull provides all round 360° protection against 7.62 mm armour piercing rounds at 0° obliquity.’
  • ‘I find the combination of analysis and ardent obliquity in these writings very powerfully enabling.’