Definition of obliviousness in English:



See oblivious

‘There's a perverse obliviousness to the fact that we equate our national security and welfare with foreign policy that deprives others of the liberties we supposedly cherish.’
  • ‘In fact the case is a perfect illustration of an utterly commonplace phenomenon: the mainstream media's obliviousness to its own liberal bias.’
  • ‘Chen also takes photos of his daughter, whose sunny, carefree smile betrays a complete obliviousness to her father's mental state and underscores the artist's own dark perspective on the world.’
  • ‘She lowered her voice as she spoke, obviously buying Mal's act of complete obliviousness, but when I kicked his foot he kicked mine straight back and squeezed my hand, and I knew he could hear her.’
  • ‘He has famously claimed to prefer country music over other pop genres, and numerous cultural critics have pointed out his blissful obliviousness toward the arts.’



/əˈblivēəsnəs/ /əˈblɪviəsnəs/