Definition of observation deck in English:

observation deck


  • A room or platform at the top of a tall building which provides views of the surrounding panorama.

    ‘a new rooftop observation deck gives visitors a view of the Mississippi River’
    • ‘He was a staff photographer who snapped celebrities on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.’
    • ‘Inside, the densely folded street would hold many offices, cafes, and observation decks.’
    • ‘Visitors ascend to the 52nd floor in a bank of dedicated lifts shared with visitors to Tokyo City View, an observation deck protected from the elements by floor-to-ceiling glass.’
    • ‘A heated glass room and observation deck crown the edifice, which has already achieved iconic status among kayakers in the region.’
    • ‘The above passage 'reads' the Trade Centre allegorically (in the same way that tourists on its observation deck were once able to 'read' the city) as an emblem of US capitalism, imperialism and the like.’
    • ‘Like a lot of other attractive things - really hot coffee, open-air observation decks - it's been killed by litigation.’
    • ‘The Space Needle at Seattle Center hosts a breathtaking observation deck located 520 feet above city streets.’
    • ‘In the CN Tower, the highest observation deck is 447m up.’
    • ‘He looked down at the forest floor; it seemed so far away with his smaller size; it was like looking over a city from the observation deck of a huge building.’
    • ‘She leaned against the observation deck railing.’