Definition of observation satellite in English:

observation satellite


  • A satellite placed in orbit in order to observe the earth and collect information.

    ‘the country's first earth observation satellite was expected to be launched today’
    • ‘It's one of the most advanced observation satellites, capable of uninterrupted data acquisition.’
    • ‘All communication and observation satellites orbiting Mars suddenly failed.’
    • ‘Signatories can call upon the combined services of all the signatories' earth observation satellite photos, free of charge, to improve responses to global emergencies.’
    • ‘NASA will have to crash land a space observation satellite to stop it showering huge chunks of burning metal across the globe.’
    • ‘It was also stipulated that there would be no interference with the use of national technical means of verification, such as observation satellites.’
    • ‘This Ariane 4 rocket placed an observation satellite into orbit that provided high-resolution images of Earth's surface.’
    • ‘Spacecraft transporting supplies to the International Space Station, carrying out repairs to disabled communication and observation satellites or heading for other planets, often carry large quantities of fluids onboard in the form of propellant or water.’
    • ‘Europe's flagship earth observation satellite Envisat, coincidentally launched just a few weeks earlier, revealed a 3250 sq km ice shelf breaking into thousands of small icebergs drifting away from the Antarctic peninsula.’
    • ‘The prototype launch vehicle was being prepared for Monday's launch into orbit of two Brazilian observation satellites when it exploded Friday.’
    • ‘The planet is circled by scientific observation satellites which examine every movement of air current and variation in temperature.’