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  • Relating to childbirth and the processes associated with it.

    ‘obstetric and gynecological services at the hospital’
    • ‘However, there are no data to support this assertion and neither is there information about other obstetric interventions associated with medical insurance status.’
    • ‘The hospital and associated units provide obstetric care for a population of about 400 000 people.’
    • ‘The practicality of this book extends not only to the medical, gynaecological, and obstetric needs of those circumcised but also to the section on communication.’
    • ‘Quantitative studies of the vaginal flora of healthy women and of obstetric and gynaecological patients.’
    • ‘After 1961, he remained at the Eastern General, serving the rapidly developing surgical, obstetric, and gynaecological units.’
    • ‘The second floor houses technical services, with paediatric, gynaecological and obstetric departments stacked up in ascending layers.’
    • ‘A third development during the same period was the growth of the obstetric epidural analgesia service.’
    • ‘This reflects the crucial role of high quality family planning and obstetric services in enabling women to realise their potential for health.’
    • ‘Outside morning hours, obstetric and paediatric services were provided only by poorly trained generalist nurses and doctors.’
    • ‘The retrospective cohort study included female patients of a large New Zealand hospital that offered centralized colposcopy and obstetric services.’
    • ‘Although autism is considered to have a genetic basis, some investigations have shown an association with obstetric complications, according to the study authors.’
    • ‘However, if they are referred to hospital obstetric services their status may become apparent and they would be liable for the full cost of their medical care.’
    • ‘The extent to which the association is explained by obstetric complications is, however, not known.’
    • ‘Nurses who worked in the adult surgical, orthopedic, obstetric and gynecology, or multidiscipline wards or admitting services were included.’
    • ‘Subclinical hypothyroidism is associated with poor obstetric outcomes and poor cognitive development in children.’
    • ‘Multiple pregnancy is more likely than singleton pregnancy to be associated with spontaneous preterm labor and with preterm obstetric interventions, such as induction of labor or delivery by caesarean section.’
    • ‘The register would hold a range of data including those relating to familial, social, obstetric, neonatal, immunisation, developmental, and general health and disease variables.’
    • ‘Pregnancy in women with type 1 diabetes mellitus is associated with an increased risk of congenital malformations, obstetric complications, and neonatal morbidity.’
    • ‘The nurse practitioner obstetric / gynecologic liaison developed a quality improvement monitor to be used for peer review in the future if indicated.’
    • ‘The author is a practicing obstetric / gynecologic surgeon and a member of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.’



/əbˈstetrik/ /əbˈstɛtrɪk/


Mid 18th century via modern Latin obstetricus from Latin obstetricius (based on obstetrix ‘midwife’), from obstare ‘be present’.