Definition of obstructively in English:



See obstructive

‘Motorists who park obstructively in Redhill and Reigate are to be warned of prosecution by a joint council and emergency services leaflet.’
  • ‘Mr Frank alleged Mr Black had behaved aggressively and obstructively at meetings.’
  • ‘The problem is, both the writer and reader of reviews such as this prefer things simple, and performance benchmarks are extremely simple, perhaps obstructively so.’
  • ‘Theoretically, he could have no weapons at all, but if he chose to behave obstructively, he'd be in material breach and subject to ‘serious consequences’.’
  • ‘Vehicles parked illegally, obstructively or dangerously and broken down vehicles can be removed immediately by the police if they are on a road’



/əbˈstrəktəvlē/ /əbˈstrəktəvli/ /äbˈstrəktəvlē/ /ɑbˈstrəktəvli/