Definition of obturate in English:


transitive verb

[with object] technical
  • Block up; obstruct.

    ‘Many of today's shooters have tried shooting these old rifles and experienced dismal results when the bullets failed to expand properly and obturate the bore.’
    • ‘When it's excessive like that we know that there wasn't even enough pressure to obturate the case at all.’
    • ‘This is an indication that pressure is so low the case is not obturating to completely seal the chamber.’
    • ‘The idea behind the hollow base was to make it easy for the bullet to obturate and fully engrave the rifling at the very low pressures involved.’
    • ‘The Foster slugs have very shallow rifling and since these slugs obturate in shotgun bores, most of these grooves are ironed out in the process.’



/ˈäbt(y)əˌrāt/ /ˈɑbt(j)əˌreɪt/


Late 16th century (as obturation): from Latin obturat- ‘stopped up’, from the verb obturare.