Definition of occipital bone in English:

occipital bone


  • The bone that forms the back and base of the skull, and through which the spinal cord passes.

    ‘When this slip inserts onto the occipital bone or mastoid process it is named splenius capitis accessorius.’
    • ‘The skull has a roughen surface to the parietal bone and the occipital bone.’
    • ‘In general, neoplasms of the occipital bone are rather infrequent when compared to other bones of the skull.’
    • ‘They may extend from the spines of one or two cervical vertebrae and ligamentum nuchae to the occipital bone.’
    • ‘The anterior part of the upper lordosis is covered by a small muscular chain (three muscles) running from the occipital bone to T4.’


occipital bone

/äkˈsipədl ˌbōn/ /ɑkˈsɪpədl ˌboʊn/