Definition of occiput in English:


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nounplural noun occiputs, plural noun occipita/äkˈsipitə/

  • The back of the head or skull.

    ‘The helmet alleviates the pressure on the flattened area of the occiput and allows the skull to grow faster in the desired directions.’
    • ‘At surgery, there was a significant deformity of the cranial vault at the level of the occiput and first and second cervical vertebrae.’
    • ‘The supraoccipital is essentially an unpaired dermal bone of the occiput.’
    • ‘In their study, the highest interface pressures occurred under the occiput in young children and under the sacrum in older children.’
    • ‘The left hip is more commonly affected, presumably because of the left occiput anterior position of most vertex-presenting newborns.’
    back, back part, hind part, back end, other end



/ˈäksəpət/ /ˈɑksəpət/


Late Middle English from Latin occiput, from ob- ‘against’ + caput ‘head’.