Definition of occlusal in English:



  • 1Dentistry
    Relating to or involved in the occlusion of teeth.

    ‘Soft plastic mouth guards, or occlusal splints, may be needed to prevent damage from trauma, as in sports injuries, or bruxism.’
    • ‘In addition, all teeth exhibited signs of extensive occlusal flattening with secondary deposits of dentin, indicating wear through the tooth enamel.’
    • ‘Woodrat teeth from Deer Park B have the typical occlusal pattern found in other Blancan populations.’
    • ‘In occlusal view the lingual margin of the tooth is relatively straight while the buccal margin is convex.’
    • ‘The crown of ml is subrectangular in occlusal outline; the two cusp rows diverge posteriorly, and the intercusp valley is relatively deep.’
    1. 1.1Denoting a portion of a tooth that comes into contact with a tooth in the other jaw.
      ‘Consequently, this leads to an alteration in the occlusal forces against the opposing arcade and subsequent changes in the occlusal surface of several teeth.’
      • ‘Also, the incisiform teeth appear to project slightly anteriorly, whereas the occlusal surface of the cheek teeth face dorsally.’
      • ‘Its cheek teeth were hypsodont and had strongly developed lophs on their occlusal surfaces.’
      • ‘The teeth are natural with occlusal amalgam fillings in teeth 30 and 31.’
      • ‘The occlusal area of molars was calculated from these measures as an approximating rectangle.’



/əˈklo͞osəl/ /əˈklusəl/