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occupational hazard

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  • A risk accepted as a consequence of a particular occupation.

    ‘visual overload is a necessary occupational hazard of busy art critics’
    • ‘The practice is so commonplace that Arthur almost accepts it as an occupational hazard.’
    • ‘An aching back or limbs at the end of a working day should not simply be accepted as an occupational hazard.’
    • ‘The workers are calling for definite measures to reduce occupational risks and hazards on the job.’
    • ‘There is a need to identify this condition as an occupational hazard and to develop strategies to reduce the risk.’
    • ‘Health care workers are at a high risk of acquiring HAV infection as an occupational hazard.’
    • ‘For Kennedy's sake, let's hope suicide isn't an occupational risk among writers who fall for the matadors.’
    • ‘One of the occupational hazards of writing TPM is many readers’ distressing lack of irony or discernment.’
    • ‘They are facing many occupational hazards and their service conditions must improve.’
    • ‘Apart from the possibility of causing your relatives to pitch off furniture in astonishment, other occupational hazards present themselves.’
    • ‘These children earn very low wages, typically 10 rupees a day or less, and suffer occupational hazards and the threat of employer abuse.’
    • ‘It is about the occupational hazards of being a writer.’
    • ‘One of the occupational hazards of writing a fortnightly column is that the quest for topicality becomes a risky business.’
    • ‘After all, occupational hazards exist in all professions, she says.’
    • ‘It's just one of the occupational hazards facing the Riverwatch Ranger.’
    • ‘The occupational hazards, including sexual exploitation, formed the hub of the discussions.’
    • ‘Collier has experienced first-hand one of the occupational hazards of being a psychiatrist.’
    • ‘After all, while that may be the easy option, it does also have it's occupational hazards.’
    • ‘One has to say that alcoholism, or heavy drinking, is an occupational hazard of politicians.’
    • ‘The rooms fill with dust; asthma is a common occupational hazard.’
    • ‘For many people, however, prolonged sun exposure isn't a choice but an occupational hazard or side effect of outdoor activities.’


occupational hazard

/ˌäkyəˈpāSHənl/ /ˌɑkjəˈpeɪʃənl/ /ˌäkyəˈpāSHnəl ˈhazərd/ /ˌɑkjəˈpeɪʃnəl ˈhæzərd/