Definition of oceanographic in English:



See oceanography

‘By the 1930s Ritter's legacy included the full range of oceanographic disciplines - biological, physical, chemical, and geological.’
  • ‘Transient oceanographic features exist, however, facilitating shelf retention, cross-bight exchange, and return of expatriated larvae.’
  • ‘They had been five months in the Pacific, traveled more than 12,000 miles and explored more than 62 oceanographic stations.’
  • ‘It was also during this time that Scripps obtained a marine facility for its growing fleet and computers were recognized as effective oceanographic tools.’
  • ‘The explorations will be part of the global long-term oceanographic and marine research program pursued by the Navy.’



/ˌōSH(ə)nəˈɡrafik/ /ˌoʊʃ(ə)nəˈɡræfɪk/