Definition of ocellus in English:


nounplural noun ocelli/ōˈselī/ /ōˈselē/

another term for simple eye
‘Between the compound eyes are usually three simple eye, or ocelli.’
  • ‘The ocelli, or eye spots, may reduce damage from fin-biting predators by mimicking the head.’
  • ‘The expression in adults was observed in dorsal ocelli cells in the nerve code.’
  • ‘The ocelli (eye-like spots) on the spinous dorsal fin of males are metallic blue, surrounded by a golden ring.’
  • ‘Our recent experiments raise a new question about the evolutionary relationship of ocelli to other sensory structures.’
another term for eyespot (sense 1) and
‘Besides functioning as an identification feature, the ocelli also have anti-predator functions.’
  • ‘They suggested that the color change is stimulated by perception of the background color by the larval ocelli and effected by a neurophysiological pathway.’
  • ‘Transverse cuticular wrinkles arranged in a tight parallel pattern form a ring posterior to the ocelli and encircle about 25% of the cephalothorax.’



/ōˈseləs/ /oʊˈsɛləs/


Early 19th century from Latin, diminutive of oculus ‘eye’.