Definition of octocopter in English:



  • An unmanned helicopter having eight rotors.

    ‘a specially trained controller flies the octocopter across terrain that may not be accessible by traditional means’
    • ‘The octocopter follows a pre-defined route.’
    • ‘An octocopter flies above the surface.’
    • ‘Flying an octocopter is surrounded by rules and regulations.’
    • ‘One such tool that is helping photographers explore new ground is the octocopter.’
    • ‘TThe octocopter looks like some kind of high-tech, deadly flying spider.’
    • ‘Each octocopter is controlled by a human.’
    • ‘How massive a battery would this octocopter need?’
    • ‘The octocopter will only fly outside of the festival area.’
    • ‘This new octocopter will offer unprecedented information on crop growth.’
    • ‘The octocopter successfully used GPS to navigate to right above me.’



/ˈäktəˌkäptər/ /ˈɑktəˌkɑptər/