Definition of octroi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈäktroi/ /ˈɑktrɔɪ/ /äkˈtrwä/ /ɑkˈtrwɑ/


  • A tax levied in some countries on various goods entering a town or city.

    ‘Feng applied for control of the octroi levied on goods entering Beijing.’
    • ‘It was later found that the proposal would merely save the Parwanoo-based industrialists their octroi duty at the state's barrier.’
    • ‘Other indirect taxes were the ferme de l'equivalent and various municipal octrois.’
    • ‘This shows in the high levels of excise duty, sales tax and octroi levied on paints by central, state and local governments.’
    • ‘Or if the vehicle is registered with a Thane address, but is used in the city and parked in the city, does octroi have to be paid then.’
    • ‘One short answer: every single person in this city pays sales tax and octroi every time they buy anything at all.’
    • ‘The chamber is of the view that entry tax is nothing but octroi by another name and that Karnataka is the only state which levies it.’


Late 16th century from French octroyer ‘to grant’, based on medieval Latin auctorizare (see authorize). Current senses date from the early 18th century.