Definition of odd job in English:

odd job


usually odd jobs
  • A casual or isolated piece of work, especially one of a routine domestic or manual nature.

    ‘he takes odd jobs, but nothing that would lead to a career’
    • ‘Cutting lawns, keeping an eye on people's properties when they go away, doing odd jobs and fixing things are all part of his daily routine.’
    • ‘Then there are the usual housewifely chores - planning the menu, getting odd jobs done around the house.’
    • ‘But she had to rely on income gained from doing all kinds of odd jobs.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, he found odd jobs, help from a friend in Chicago, and later from his wife, Janet.’
    • ‘I've had a morning full of various odd jobs and phonecalls to make.’
    • ‘Between prayers, he sometimes does odd jobs at the mosque.’
    • ‘Though it wasn't expected of them, many of the boarders felt compelled to help Buschert with odd jobs around the house.’
    • ‘After years of doing odd jobs around the area, from cleaning to tick collecting, Sharon is now focusing solely on her art.’
    • ‘In 1993, he became a drifter, living in trailer parks, working at odd jobs and buying and selling guns.’
    • ‘His persistence in pursuing his musical ambitions caused Zhang to lead an unstable life with only odd jobs coming his way.’
    • ‘A series of odd jobs took Bannatyne to Jersey, where he spent most of his twenties ‘sowing wild oats’.’
    • ‘He moved to Canada in 1983, worked odd jobs and published six more books of poetry in French and Persian.’
    • ‘After leaving school at 16, she did odd jobs until enrolling to study law at Glasgow University at the age of 21.’
    • ‘He got involved in the family's fishing trade and also worked part-time in construction and did odd jobs.’
    • ‘After high school, Wright attended art school, travelled and held odd jobs.’
    • ‘Four months later, many have again found some odd jobs in the city.’
    • ‘After leaving school, Rasul studied law in Birmingham, and Iqbal took odd jobs and became involved in petty crime.’
    • ‘The keep-fit fanatic survives by doing odd jobs and has never claimed any benefits until six months ago.’
    • ‘A nominal fee is charged for a range of odd jobs around the home, such as mending dripping taps or fitting lightbulbs or smoke alarms.’
    • ‘After working odd jobs, Richard was so frustrated that he was looking for anything.’


odd job

/ˈädˈjäb/ /ˈɑdˈdʒɑb/