Definition of Odia in English:


Pronunciation /əˈdēə/ /əˈdiə/

nounOdia, Odias

  • 1A native or inhabitant of Odisha.

    ‘Overwhelmingly Hindu, the Odias have the class structure typical of Hindu societies.’
    • ‘The early Odias were known for their history of sun worship.’
    • ‘The Odia reached Punjab through Rajputana and gradually worked their way up until they found a supply of work which maintained them throughout the year.’
    • ‘The Global Odisha Conference is an ambitious event to be held on July 1-2, 2015 to unite the Odias living abroad.’
    • ‘Indian scientists, including an Odia, have developed a novel drug carrier that enables chemotherapy drugs to specifically target cancer cells without affecting non-cancerous ones.’
    • ‘This event was a huge success, and was headed by Das, a proud Odia, who is the current President of India Association of Greater Tulsa.’
  • 2An Indic language spoken mainly in Odisha and other parts of eastern India.

    ‘The British had recognized Odia as an original language and created Odisha as a separate state in 1936, long before Independence.’
    • ‘Despite being blind, he is a major social activist in Odisha and is the compiler of this Braille calendar in Odia.’
    • ‘Odia is billed as the first language from the Indo-Aryan linguistic group.’
    • ‘With the union cabinet approving the proposal, Odia became the sixth language of the country to get the classical language status.’
    • ‘When he spoke, what touched my heart was his speaking in Odia.’
    • ‘Though written in Hindi, the words are Odia and pronunciation is also in Odia.’
    • ‘He barely speaks Odia, remains reticent, a recluse.’
    • ‘The speaker of the house ordered Rao to make statements only in English or the local language, Odia.’
    • ‘Odia, a 2,500 year old language, has recently gained the status of an Indian classical language.’
    • ‘The group is planning to expand its news television network with two more regional language channels in Punjabi and Odia.’


  • Relating to Odisha, its people, or their language.

    ‘All Goa Odia Association organized this special event to promote and publicize Odia culture outside Odisha.’
    • ‘The awards were bestowed on two eminent contributors for their services to their respective art forms: Gotipua Guru Birabara Sahoo for dance and Rama Chandra Patihari for his contribution to Odia theatre.’
    • ‘For the record, Eastern Media publishes the Odia daily Sambad.’
    • ‘The company produced an Odia film while Sethy invested chit fund money to make some serials through the company.’
    • ‘He said an Odia University would be set up to facilitate all round development of the language.’
    • ‘He said the BJD nominee is a "foreigner" who does not speak or understand Odia language.’
    • ‘The BJD candidate and Odia film actor was elected unopposed after the nomination papers of the other two candidates were rejected.’
    • ‘A doctor has started selling a healthy, traditional Odia snack on the roadside to propagate a culture of healthy eating among people.’
    • ‘The accused, who acted in several Odia serials, had married her in 2010 after a few years of courtship.’
    • ‘Some of the famous Odia films in which he acted as a hero include "Tapoi", "Asanta Graha", and "Sadhana".’