Definition of odontophore in English:


Pronunciation /ōˈdän(t)əˌfôr/ /oʊˈdɑn(t)əˌfɔr/


  • A projection in the mouth of most mollusks that supports the radula.

    ‘The possession of an odontophore internal to the mouth angle ossicles can only be interpreted as an apomorphy of crown asteroids.’
    • ‘The odontophore is an unpaired typically T-shaped ossicle between and dorsal to the distal side of each mouth-angle ossicular pair.’
    • ‘We also explore the extraxial nature and phylogenetic significance of the odontophore.’
    • ‘Viguier noted the value of the odontophore, an unpaired interbrachial ossicle located behind each pair of mouth angle ossicles.’