Definition of odorous in English:


Pronunciation /ˈōdərəs/ /ˈoʊdərəs/

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  • Having or giving off a smell.

    ‘a dark and odorous cave’
    • ‘I am not sure if all dumps are this smelly - I know that all dumps are odorous - but it was stinky.’
    • ‘But what happens to these odorous, spring-laden behemoths?’
    • ‘According to the manufacturer, newater is clearer, less odorous and less bacterial than the water people get from the Public Utilities Board.’
    • ‘But there are other companies in the area dealing with odorous products.’
    • ‘So you can imagine my surprise when I open the door to find two odorous men, half-heartedly mumbling that they're here to ‘move me’.’
    • ‘It was a Naples of the north, ‘a picturesque, odorous, inconvenient, old - fashioned town’.’
    • ‘The afternoon we went there it was at its hottest and most odorous.’
    • ‘And where would they keep the odorous billy-goat until he was needed for the next session?’
    • ‘It's worth the odorous torture because the need to travel runs through your veins.’
    • ‘They spend most of the year cramped in dark, often odorous conditions, carrying the full weight of our bodies.’
    • ‘I did not go to the loo once - I drank only a litre of water, when I got home my pee was dark brown and odorous.’
    • ‘‘Comparisons’, one of Shakespeare's finest word-muddlers tell us, ‘are odorous.’’
    • ‘Should the turkey spray you with an odorous substance after you kill it, you didn't kill a turkey.’
    • ‘In one such pathway, binding of odorous molecules to their receptors activates G olf, a GTP-binding protein.’
    foul-smelling, evil-smelling, smelly, stinking, reeking, reeky, malodorous, pungent, acrid, fetid, rank
    fragrant, scented, perfumed, aromatic, balmy, tangy, redolent
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Late Middle English from Latin odorus ‘fragrant’ (from odor ‘odor’) + -ous.