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of an evening

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informal mainly British
  • 1On most evenings.

    • ‘he has a healthy diet consisting of cereal in the morning and meat and two veg of an evening’
    • ‘When I was growing up The Archers was a regular feature, always on in the kitchen of an evening and my sister and I were forced to keep quiet for the critical 15 minutes.’
    • ‘Thanks for confirming my long-held belief that I'm better off slowly destroying my liver than staying in of an evening.’
    • ‘We've come to delight in having a few tealights burning of an evening.’
    • ‘The menu consists solely of Thai dishes, which are delicious, beautifully prepared and reasonably priced, and which attract a large number of visitors - the rear dining area is often full of an evening.’
    • ‘The last five years have seen a marked increase in the number of people abandoning the couch for the computer screen of an evening.’
    • ‘She liked to spend time with me of a morning, before I walked to school and she went to work.’
    • ‘You, on the other hand, will have loads of free time now to watch or play sport, or just go down the pub of an afternoon.’
    • ‘Instead of smoking six or seven cigarettes of a morning, I now make myself smoke only one.’
    • ‘I'm usually online of an evening at some point between 6.00 pm and midnight (or after depending on sleep patterns) for a couple of hours.’
    • ‘There's quite a chorus of noises because we've got ostriches and deer as well here, so there's quite a crescendo of different noises of an evening.’
  • 2At some time in the evenings.

    • ‘you can wear these dresses of an evening or during the day’
    • ‘If you're generally stuck for something to have for dinner of an evening, then hop along to The Red Kitchen and see what people there are having.’
    • ‘Besides, the three of you look impossibly cute when you're sat like that of an evening.’
    • ‘Now - you MUST bring Connie over to the club for dinner of an evening soon; my wife was only talking to her last week and she was saying it's been so long since we've all eaten together!’
    • ‘Oh, sure, I've cringed a little when neighbours have strolled past of an evening, casting judgmental looks at the poor old place, all run-down and neglected as it was.’
    • ‘I was really looking forward, for example, to having a jolly good read of an evening when the newest winner of England's Orange Prize was announced.’
    • ‘We're getting the kitchen done at the moment, so much of my free time is spent packing stuff into boxes, then having to unpack the boxes to reach the food so we can actually eat of an evening.’
    • ‘When you settle down in the Mancini home of an evening, what flicks tend to get you all enraptured?’
    • ‘Occasionally, of an evening, I am prone to fits of activity which generally result in my strapping on the running shoes and going down to the riverbank for a jog.’